We give farmers and food entrepreneurs life-changing advice around their farm and life decisions that allow them to achieve true farm freedom.

What Do We Do?

Farm Design and Implementation

How do you set up your farm for maximum success? Do you know all the features and characteristics to look for before you make the biggest purchase you will probably make as a farmer?

Value-added Products, Farm to Table and Agritourism

Need help developing value-added products, hosting on-farm events, or preserving crops for off-season sales? We can help.

Enterprise Coaching and Advising

From vegetables and horticulture to poultry, beef and dairy to turkeys and more, our seasoned field experts can provide you with real, tested answers.

Business Planning, Strategy, and Systems

We bring a practiced eye to help you crunch the numbers, implement market trends, and streamline your business. Move into a direct to consumer sales model or niche commodity market easily.

Employee Training and Management

Giving you the tools to hire the right people, train them well, and teach them how to set up systems for success.

Farm Technology Design and Implementation

Our goal is to bring efficiency and simplicity to farms through technology, whether it be simple monitoring or advanced whole farm systems.

Last year I started a new farming project where I was asked to develop a model farm for the province of Quebec. Throughout the planning process, I had the opportunity to consult with a great many farming experts and consultants. Of all of these, it’s Michael Kilpatrick that I got the most from.

Jean-Martin Fortier

Farmer, Author, Innovator, The Market Gardener

Let us help you be the 5% that survive, no, thrive!

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