When you fill out our questionnaire, our staff  looks it over and assigns the correct team member to follow up with an email clarifying any questions we may have and setting up a time for a 30 minute, get to know you call. After that, we may recommend one of the following.

Farm Business Turbocharge Session

In these session(s) we answer your questions and give you direction whether it is the nuts and bolts of growing lettuce, how to implement the right farm plan for you, or how to hire better staff and make sure they are focused on the right tasks. We do this virtually through  Zoom, a web conferencing software, which allows us to share our screen and record the sessions so you can go back and reference our conversations at a later time.

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Brainstorm, ask questions and get unstuck.

Some ways you can use these sessions are:

    • brainstorm and get immediate feedback on your ideas and thoughts
    • get clarity around what to focus on next and what’s important at your stage
    • discover how to position yourself for success with the right tools, systems, and property
    • Look over your crop plan and figure out where your profit centers are.
    • Get ideas on layout in your greenhouses, pack sheds, or other workspaces for maximum efficiency.
    • identify your target market and learn how to craft your sales strategy
    • pick my brain about marketing, technology, resources, tools, etc.

What’s included:

  • What you need to find clarity and direction in your business
  • 1 hour + zoom call of one-on-one attention, focused on your concerns where we can share our screen, show and email you resources.
  • Video recording of our call so you can refer to what we discussed later
  • Your Roadmap- notes outlined for your next steps and a recap of our session.

Investment: $197 Additional sessions are $147 each. Book 3 at once for $447




Onsite Farm Tune-up (including open consults)

This is our favorite type of consulting as we feel that it gives the most value. In this situation, we visit the farm and spend a full day(s) working with you on your challenges and opportunities. Usually we will have you send us a list of questions and topics before our visit so we can be prepared to add maximum value.

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Some ways you can use these sessions are:

  • Technical help with equipment identification, setup, review, and tuning
  • Get your systems and setup reviewed by a former Lean systems trainer so you are set up for maximum efficiency- get the practiced eye of someone who has been on hundreds of farms.
  • Work through your challenges and hangups- on the ground, in person, so we can actually show how to fix things.
  • Work through specific processes and workflows, help you find ways to streamline what you are doing.
  • Mapping and aerial imagery with our drone and software. (We will fly the drone (unless limited by weather or federal standoff restrictions) to get good, updated imagery of your property.
  • This also gives us a solid base for understanding your setup in working further with you on specific areas.
  • After our day on the farm, you get our Tune Up Guide that goes over our recommendations and any follow up resources which we feel relevant.
  • You can also turn this into open consult, where we offer it as an event and allow a small, screened group to follow us around learning as well. We have been on hundreds of farms and bring our expertise to look over your farm holistically and implement best practices for streamlined, effective farming.


What this includes:

  • Actual boots on the ground, feeling the soil between our toes, farm interaction.
  • 1 hour call pre-visit to go over topics, themes, questions, concerns before we dive into it on-site
  • Full day of time on-site, giving you the advice, coaching, trainings, resources you need
  • Follow up call to go over the roadmap we put together,  additional resources and thoughts.   


Investment: $1500 or more flat fee per day plus expenses. We expect to be working all day long, so you get maximum value. If travel is over 4 hours one way we charge $300 per day. Payment plans available. If possible, we book several in one area to cut down on travel cost.

Intervention and Coaching

Don’t know where to start? Are you burning through cash and don’t know where to plug the holes?  Do you feel worn out, exhausted, and  spend your time putting out fires constantly, not knowing what you should do next? Is your operation hobbled together with duct tape, not set up for maximum effectiveness? Do you feel like you lack key areas of expertise and don’t know how to produce your product consistently? We can help.


We come in and give you a plan to get back on track. We can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-in’s where we hold you accountable for the progress you need to make to develop a sustainable, successful business that doesn’t hold you hostage.

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Long Term Advising and Coaching

First, we’ll start with a turbocharge session to help you identify your key areas that we can help with and give you a plan to implement. After that, if we feel that you are a good fit, we’ll put you in our coaching program. This is a 90-150 day commitment, with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check in calls that we do with you early in the AM.

Some ways you can use these sessions are:

  • An accountability partner to  keep you on track for your farm roadmap
  • Tweaking of that plan as you go forward in your business and new opportunities develop
  • Technical help with equipment identification, setup, review, and tuning
  • Get your questions answered about plantings, bugs, disease, soil, marketing and business
  • Strategy on how to sell, process, or store crop surpluses for increased revenue.
  • Work through specific processes, workflows, hangups and help you find ways to streamline what you are doing.
  • If you want, we’ll share with you new things we’re learning in our travels that would be beneficial to your business.

What this includes:

  • Accountability for your farm roadmap and direction as you go forward
  • One-on-one sessions each month to go over your questions, ideas, thoughts
  • Clarity for your plan, what you should be focused on, and help identifying what is distracting you.
  • Our latest and greatest ideas, tips, tricks, what we’re learning from the dozens of farms we work with.
  • first access to resources that we are creating, in some cases you can give feedback and input in the direction of our research.
  • Email and text support for quick questions.

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Want to hire us for a project?


We work by the hour as well for farm system design, drone mapping, farm crop plans, marketing and other tasks.

Rates range from $75-$175 per hour

Terms: Full payment is required to confirm the project and hold your spot in line. If we don’t use the full hours for a project we will refund the difference. You can pay us with Credit card, Venmo, or Check. Large jobs, $5000 plus, are 50% down, 50% at the ½ way mark. Our work comes with a money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy neither are we!


Our 7 Part Framework for a Successful Farm

(we keep these in mind while working with you)


  1. Mastering yourself. Frequently, farmers start and immediately get bogged down not knowing how to structure their time, set up their personal habits for success, and knowing and capitalizing on their strengths and delegating the weaknesses.
  2. Working towards a successful business model. Running the numbers and knowing that your enterprises will allow you to be financially sustainable is key. Otherwise it is a expensive hobby.
  3. Mastering the craft. After you figure out what to produce, learning how to produce that is key. Many farms try to grow a crop and don’t invest in the proper research and resources to do it effectively. That’s why they can’t compete in the marketplace. Producing your product 80%  better than your competition is what it takes to be successful. Investing in high quality consulting can be the difference between making money in year 1 vs struggling for 10 years and failing.
  4. Systems and standard operating procedures (SOP’s). Learning your bottlenecks, leaning your systems and putting SOP’s in place to easily teach and benchmark those systems is the key to increasing your profit margins and decreasing your stress levels.
  5. Hiring and training the right team. Motivated employees working on what will provide maximum return to the business is essential. Leveraging the power of the other is how you multiply your value.
  6. Marketing and understanding your customers needs. Learn who your customer is, how to connect with them, and how to solve their problems. This will make selling easy.
  7. Scaling your business. Move from working in to working on the business, creating a culture of fanatic discipline, and focusing your bandwidth to what will give the most return. Create a culture of learning and ban hubris.

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