We’re privileged to be involved in a bunch of great events in the next month.


February 4th Sustainable Nantucket   6 Key Steps to a Successful Farm

Michael will be visiting nantucket to present on what it takes to run a successful farming operation, He’ll talk about the 6 steps to success that every farmer needs to take as well as work closely with each grower in their program and spend time helping them figure out tips, tricks, and techniques to improve their farms.

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February 6th NOFA- MASS Dialing in Your High Tunnel

High tunnels, hoop houses, and greenhouses are one of the best tools growers of the northeast have to significantly increase their production, maintain a year-round market, and boost their bottom line. With proper management, a high tunnel investment that can pay for itself in just one or two seasons. Presenters Andrew Mefferd and Michael Kilpatrick, both veteran organic farmers from Northeast have worked for years to optimize the use of this simple but powerful tool for other farmers.

This all-day interactive intensive, ideal for the intermediate or advanced grower,  is intended to bring your management of tunnels to the next level. Whether you’re grappling with questions about when and how to heat your tunnel, how to push your season extension further, which varietals are worth growing, or how to optimize crop successions for year-round production, this intensive will provide you insight and inspiration for the next growing season and beyond.

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February 11th  OEFFA’s Annual Conference

Four Season Farming: Tips, Techniques, and Strategies For Year-Round Production

Learn how to easily and profitably extend your season and grow vegetables year-round with high tunnels and season extension techniques. Seasoned winter grower Michael Kilpatrick will discuss proper tunnel construction and important features, a winter growing plan, the best-suited crops and varieties, and growing and harvesting techniques. Learn how four season production can help grow your customer base and keep your best employees year-round.


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February 13-14th Midwest Winter Production Conference

The Webb City Farmers Market and its partners are excited to have  recruited top winter producer educators for this conference. Michael will be presenting this conference with Paul and Sandy Arnold of Pleasant Valley Farm and others.   A master class for the experienced winter grower, a top notch  introduction for novices, this conference is one of the best we’ve  had the privilege of hosting.  It is limited to 100 participants so sign up soon!

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February 19th NOFA-VT Winter Conference

This full day seminar will cover winter farming and season extension. Michael Kilpatrick will discuss whether this type of production is right for you, what infrastructure is required and how to best layout your farm for winter production. We will also cover managing soils for season extension, economics of different crops, tools and equipment, field production tailored to winter storage, and storage facilities. Learn best practices for winter high tunnel production, food safety and packing house setup, as well as marketing, sales, and produce merchandising

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February 20-21  Southeast PA Grazing Conference

This two day conference sponsored by Lancaster County Graziers is all about grass quality, compost, grass based dairy production. Ben will be presenting two talks, “From Polyface to the Milking Parlor” where he’ll go over his background and lessons he’s learned during his farming career, and “Considering Changes or Additions to My Grass Based Dairy, in which he’ll talk about the economics off adding different enterprises to your grass based farm. 

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