It was that “turning point” — where that first-time-ever thought shot into my head:

“This ‘Farming Thing’ can work!”

Tim, it was even MORE than: “This can work” …

It was…

“We can actually make a living at this!” 

What am I getting all nostalgic about?


Over a decade ago, we were at the local Farmer’s Market.  

Nothing unusual.

We’d been selling our veggies there for about a year.

Up at the crack o’ dawn… Packed our products… Hauled it all downtown… Set up our stand… sold our stuff… nothing especially unique.

Until we counted the cash.


I was rich!   😉

Well, of course not — but something happened right at that moment.

Until then, farming was just a “passion-hobby” that took a ton of work.

Didn’t stop me from loving it. … Just didn’t think I could ever do it “full time.”

The questions that contaminated my mind…

  • “For a living?”
  • “Get paid to grow?”
  • “Work doing what I love… sustain myself financial?”


“Yes” to all those questions that I wasn’t sure could be a reality.

That moment:  breaking the $1000 mark in sales 


Maybe you’ve jumped in with both feet. You’re doing it: You’re farming! …you’re working hard to figure it out more and more everyday.

Maybe you’re like me in my story… thinking, “This is a fun side-gig. Would love to farm full time though…”

And maybe your just starting — and you like the idea of shaving off hours work and saving thousands ($$) over the coming years (equipment ain’t cheap, is it?).

If you’re in any of those categories, well… I’ve been working my bunz off on something just for you.

You’re invited.  Keep your eyes open in the coming days.

Get diggin’

In the Field Consultants

PS. In the meantime, tell me… did you have a “threshold moment” like mine? Where you said, “Ok, there’s something more here.”

I’d love to hear it if you feel like sharing.  No matter what ‘phase’ you feel like you’re in, I’m all ears.

Just hit reply and tell me your ‘epiphany’ moment.