For those who are serious about 10X-ing their growth

There is an application process for this and we only work with 5-6 clients at a time in our program. This is the highest level of interaction we offer!

Long Term Advising and Coaching

First, we’ll start with a turbocharge session to help you identify your key areas that we can help with and give you a plan to implement. After that, if we feel that you are a good fit, we’ll put you in our coaching program. This is a 90-150 day commitment,  multiple interactions each month. .

Our End Goal

We want to teach you how to research the information you need, identify if it is the right info for you, and how to successfully implement it on your farm. Our end goal is to eventually graduate you from needing our services, growing you as a agripreneur, not just feeding you information each month making you reliant on us.


We offer three plans, based on the level of time and access that you want.

All Packages include:

  • Accountability for your farm roadmap and direction as you go forward
  • Clarity for your plan, what you should be focused on, and help identifying what is distracting you.
  • Our latest and greatest ideas, tips, tricks, what we’re learning from the dozens of farms we work with.
  • A follow-up email after your sessions to go over the main points of our time together
  • Video and audio recording of our call
  • Pre-sale ticket access to all KFF live events and free VIP upgrades

Coaching application- All information is kept strictly confidential.