Farm Design and Implementation

How do you set up your farm for maximum success? How do you lay out your fields, paddocks, roads, water or buildings for ultimate flow, flexibility for later expansion, or resource conservation? How do you make sure not to waste money on gimmicky products sold by slick salesmen? We’re here to help. We bring to the table our combined decades of experience and visits to hundreds of farms over the years to help you plan your farm for maximum productivity and process flow. We’ll guide you through the process, taking into account the abilities and goals of the farmers, types of enterprises being considered, climate, and capacity of the farmland. We can help you come up with a quick, overarching vision or deep-dive into building the entire farm, evaluating each building, animal pen, or greenhouse. We’re here to help you build a realistic farming dream without spending a fortune!

We follow the ‘Regrarians® Platform’ method of farm planning detailed here. Michael is a graduate of Regrarians’ 10 day Farm Planning Course — the #REX. In our experience the Regrarians Platform is the most comprehensive farm planning system out there.

Farm Vetting

In the process of buying a farm? Overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Download our free ebook, Building Your Farm – Six Areas for Success. This will help you know what key characteristics to look for and obvious red flags. When you’ve narrowed the search, reach out to us and we’ll do a comprehensive site analysis with you, checking 101 key points that any property should be vetted for.