Value-added Products

As farmers, we frequently have over-abundances or second-grade produce which is perfectly fine to eat, but just not pretty. Or how about taking a product with a short harvest period and turning it into a shelf-stable product that you can sell year-round? Taking product that normally would end up in the compost pile and turning it into high-value, super tasty products is an easy way to increase your bottom line. But where do you start? What are consumers looking for or what crops, processes, and recipes can be profitable? Let us help you outline a strategy to increase your profits by using all the product that you produce.

Farm to Table

Are you a restaurant that wants to add local products to your menu but struggle to develop farmer relationships or know where to start? Are you a grower who is seeking to sell to restaurants but you don’t understand “kitchen talk” or how to get your foot in the door? Or maybe you are looking to start a farm to table restaurant and want help with setup, menu creation, or staff training. With our extensive experience in many different models, we can help you achieve your goals for a one-of-a kind, profitable business.


On-farm events are becoming very popular and profitable for farmers across the nation. As consumers feel the need to connect with their food system, they’re looking for events which allow them to be fed, entertained or educated while also supporting their food system. From weddings to photo shoots, school tours to fall festivals, there is a wide variety of ways to connect and profit from consumers on your farm. Let us help you implement an agri-tourism plan to increase customer awareness and profit on your farm.

Projects and tasks that we can help with, but not limited to:

  • Restaurant kitchen and commercial kitchen layout, design and sourcing of equipment
  • Menu development for farm to table restaurants
  • Recipe development, process, procedures for food products and menus
  • Nutrition profiles of food items, menu items, design of healthier food items
  • Good agricultural design and licensing

Value-added Processing

  • Food trends and usage in the market and how to incorporate trends and nutrition to provide better food and increase customers
  • Food preservation methods (canning, freezing, fermentation, freeze-drying, etc.)
  • Package development & sourcing
  • Marketing and working with wholesale brokers
  • Food sourcing for value-added products and items

Restaurant and Food Service Staff Training and Management

  • Employee & staff training on recipes and procedures in retail/food service operation
  • Customer service in restaurants and staff/management training
  • Employee handbooks & manuals development


Business Performance & Forecasting

  • Small business planning—financial, operations, marketing, access to capital
  • Feasibility studies, market research & business planning
  • Start-up restaurant operations, management (3-6 months on-site)

Agritourism and On-Farm Events

  • Farm to table and barn weddings, events and parties on your farm
  • Setting up your farm for on-farm events, logistics, safety concerns, & insurance
  • How to market your farm products to restaurants, caterers and the wedding industry
  • Running a small inn on your farm
  • Interacting with the service industry, caterers, photographers, etc.